Tragic Death Saves Another's Life

An emotional ceremony at Singing River Hospital celebrated the giving spirit of Lindsay Miller. She's the 19-year-old college student who was killed in an accident on the interstate. Her tragic death gave new life to another young woman, through organ donation .

Liz Carpenter owes her life to Lindsay Miller's death. Miller's heart beats inside the 25-year-old That ultimate gift convinced Carpenter what Lindsay Miller's friends and family have known so long.

"I know she was special. I know that she was a special person. Because all of you have told me. And I know that she wouldn't have touched so many lives if she wasn't special," said Carpenter, at a tree planting ceremony Thursday afternoon.

Lindsay Miller's parents preferred not to comment on camera, saying the pain of her death is still too overwhelming. But they gladly gave their support to a life giving cause their daughter felt strongly about.

"People need to make sure their family is aware of that. It's not just good enough to have it on your drivers license. You have to let your family know what your desires and wishes are. And special events like this remind us of how important it is," said Susan Russell of Singing River Hospital.

The tree of life will help call attention to the 88,000 people in this country on transplant waiting lists. Liz's sister, Kadie, is on that list, suffering from the same heart disease that Liz faced.

"I'm watching her get sicker by the day. So, anyone who wants to donate, I would encourage it. They could save a life. They could save my sister's life," she said.

Carpenter says she'll never forget Lindsay's gift of life.

"I wake up thinking about her. And I go to bed thinking about her. She keeps me going," she said.