Pearl River County Residents Can Now Tip Police Anonymously

Pearl River County law enforcers unveiled their newest weapon in the fight against crime Thursday morning. That weapon is you, the public.

Pearl River County now has a Crimestoppers program where citizens can report information about crimes anonymously.

After five years patrolling the streets of Picayune Officer Michael Odom knows he depends on the community to do his job well.

"Just about every one of the burglaries we solve is because of a community input. Somebody in the community has stepped up to the plate and said, 'Okay, I saw this' or 'I know who did this.'"

The need for that kind of input prompted Picayune law enforcers to organize citizen assistance with a Crimestoppers program.

"If you look at areas where crime has ran rampant, basically what you find is communities where people are not involved in trying to police their own communities," Pearl River County District Attorney Buddy McDonald said.

Authorities hope the new program can help them solve cases like the 1998 murder of Leola Jordan who was stabbed to death in her home.

"That was a crime that shocked this community and there has not been an arrest made," Picayune Police Chief Jim Luke said.

Police say they have two possible suspects, but need more information to get the murderers off the streets and restore peace of mind to the Jordan Family.

"Just looking for something that may help, cause I think the family really needs some closure," the victim's son, Terry Jordan, said.

Any tips to Crimestoppers are confidential. Officers, like Michael Odom, say if the citizens feels safe to come forward, every neighborhood in Picayune can be safer.

Crimestoppers offers up to a $1,000 reward for tips that lead to an arrest. The number for Crimestoppers in Picayune is (601) 799-CLUE, or (601)-799-2583.

by Al Showers