Six months after plane crash, the search continues

Six months after plane crash, the search continues

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - It's been six months since a small plane crashed into the Mississippi Sound, minutes after taking off from Gulfport. The three men on board still haven't been found, while the families continue searching for answers.

Despite time passing, the search continues. DMR Marine Patrol Chief Keith Davis still believes the men will be found.

"As recent as last month we were called to some debris being located from a citizen," said Davis. "So we do know that there's debris out there."

That debris was found near where the search originally started in the waters off Jackson County. Davis still encourages boaters and people along the shore to be on the lookout for pieces of the aircraft and he's committed to continuing the search efforts.

"We're just continuing what we know is best in terms of searching a large area of water and again we need a little luck on our side to locate the larger pieces of this aircraft," said Davis.

For Davis the reason to keep the search going comes down to one thing.

"Closure, closure for three families that are left wondering what happened to their loved ones," said Davis.

Texas Equusearch, an independent group was involved in the search. A representative from Texas Equusearch told WLOX they haven't actively been searching in the water in the last month, but as leads become available they do plan on picking back up in the search efforts.

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