Jackson County looks at Taser alternatives

Jackson County looks at Taser alternatives
Jackson County Sheriff's department looking at an alternative to tasers. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Tasers - described by law enforcement as a non-lethal defense method - could eventually phase out in Jackson County.

"We're in the process, as we always are, of looking at opportunities that might put us in a better situation to have a non-lethal defense method," said Jackson County Chief Sheriff's deputy Randy Sanders.

Sanders says the product they're looking into is called the JPX Pepper Gun. The weapon's functionality is a mix between a Taser and pepper spray.

"You deploy the device, and it shoots the pepper spray at the subject," said Sanders. "The impact is the same impact as the OC, spray just less residual effect."

In a video posted to JPX's YouTube page, the Pepper Gun shoots out a gooey, pepper substance, and has a range of up to 23 feet. The substance can incapacitate a person for up to 60 minutes after a blast, long enough to get a suspect in handcuffs and to jail.

The department, who Sanders says uses stun guns less than five times per month, hasn't decided on completely getting rid of the devices. It's possible that law enforcement may use the two products interchangeably.

"Any tools that we have at our disposal that will give us the option to use less lethal force, that's what we want to do," added Sanders.

Sanders says it's a coincidence that the department began looking at new products the same week a man died in Gulfport, and that they've had it set up for a while.

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