Coast residents take advantage of low crawfish prices

Coast residents take advantage of low crawfish prices
Crawfish prices are low all across the coast. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Crawfish season is in full effect and across the Coast, hungry patrons are going for a bargain.

"We look forward to this season every year. I mean, it usually starts in....mid-February and ends out in May," said Laurie Hammond, who waited in line at Bozo's in Pascagoula to get her hands on mudbugs.

People have even more reason to buy other than to satisfy a craving - crawfish prices have dipped under $2 across the Coast.

"We bought some early like February and they were like $2.99 a pound, but this price is excellent," added Hammond.

The cost of crawfish at Bozo's was too good to pass up for some. 

"Right now, as of today, you can get 10 lbs of crawfish for $15.90," said Jeremy Ford of Bozo's Seafood Market. "That's probably the lowest it's been all season." 

Hammond says she's taking full advantage of the deal, purchasing 100 lbs of the delicacy. Her crawfish took up a tub, a cooler and a cardboard box.

"We get our feel when we can," said Hammond.

Hammond isn't the only one who's excited about the good deal. Gregory Johnson says he couldn't pass it up either.

"You know, it's like gas prices. You got to pull over when you see something like that," said Johnson.

Ford says the drop in prices is due to the abundance of crawfish on the market, and a good season. Bozo's employees say with prices so low, the place will likely become packed.

"We'll definitely have them lined up from the market all the way to the front door by 2 o'clock, and it'll likely stay like that for six to seven hours," added Ford.

But with the beautiful weather and live entertainment, most customers say the wait is worth it.

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