Diplomatic doggies take over Hiller Park

Diplomatic doggies take over Hiller Park

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Hiller Park was overrun by man's best friend Saturday morning.

Dogs and their humans came out to participate in the first ever Mutts for Peace Dog Show. The show featured an agility course with a certified AKC trainer and several contests including 'ugliest dog', which turned out to be a Chinese Crested mix named Watson.

"He's not ugly he's handsome," said the winner's owner.

The brain child behind the entire event? Ten-year-old Emily Fitzhugh, who wanted to celebrate the tramps in a world full of ladies.

"Dog shows are always for purebreds, so I thought maybe we should have a mutt dog show instead," Fitzhugh said. "They're just mixed breeds and one of the dogs can be so good, and the other can be the same way. And whenever you put them together, it's just like the best dog in the whole world."

With her father's help, Emily decided to make the day about more than just the dogs, but also peace. All proceeds from the silent auction will benefit the Children's International Summer Village,  a children's peace education organization that's been on the Gulf Coast for more 50 years.

For 2016, members on the Coast will host a four-week, international camp for 11 year olds from 12 different countries.

"They get to learn about each other's countries and cultures and customs, and make friends for life," said Collette Field. "So, it's a very great experience for the kids."

The money raised will go toward housing expenses.

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