Osness girls of Long Beach High School are following in their dad's footsteps

Osness girls of Long Beach High School are following in their dad's footsteps

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Meet the Osness family.  There's Ash, Dr. Rick Osness and Katy.

Rick is a doctor in the Air Force and on his off time he loves to run. His running has had a major influence on his daughter 8th grader Ash and 7th grader Katy.  Both young ladies are members of the Long Beach High School track team.

Katy Osness said, "My dad did encourage me to run.  The reason I got into it is he and my mom would go off on runs together for exercise."

"We're been running mostly half marathons and stuff since the girls were in the 4th and 5th grade, "said Dr. Rick Osness.  "They've got a younger sister who was running a little bit before that.  This is a good distance for them and they love the long stuff."

Ash captured the Division 8-5A 3200 meters and 1600 meters on Tuesday...and Katy placed 3rd in the 32-hundred meters.

On Thursday, Ash continued her success by winning the Region 4-5A 3200 meters, timed in 12:53:24. Her sister Katy placed in fifth place.

Dr. Rick said, "They like competing against each other mostly, like good sisters do."

So how has Ash's dad impacted her running?

She said, "Well he basically trained me myself and the team so I guess you can say pretty huge."

Long Beach track and field coach Olan Welch knows he will have the Osness girls leading the way in the long distance runs for years to come.

"Those young girls, they're going to come a long way and I expect a great future from them, "Welch stated.

Long Beach hosted the Region 4-5A Track & Field Championships and the Lady Bearcats won the girls title.  Gautier picked up the boys crown.

Long Beach will also host the 5A South State championships on April 30.

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