Pascagoula begins planning stage for a new city government complex

Pascagoula begins planning stage for a new city government complex
Pascagoula officials looking to create a unified complex for city offices. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Pascagoula is one of the only coastal cities that didn't rebuild its city hall following Hurricane Katrina. But, that could potentially change.

In Tuesday's council meeting, the city began the initial planning for a unified complex for all city offices.

The offices are currently spread throughout the city. City hall is located on Watts Ave., utilities are a block over on Delmas Ave., and public works over on 14th St. There are even more offices on Pascagoula St.

"Consolidating some of the departments into one location will allow us to give more efficient service to the public," said Pascagoula public Relations specialist Anne Pitre.

Tuesday night, the city got the OK from the council to move forward with a contractor.  Pitre says many city buildings are packed and need more space. The records vault in city hall, for example, is near capacity.

The proposed plan is to assess the needs of the various city departments, and find a site to build an accessible city campus.

"We will frequently have potential business owners stop by Community and Economic Development with a business plan, and then they have to drive over to 14th St. in order to get the paperwork started to obtain their privilege licenses," said Pitre. "So, this'll just make further development and future growth of the city something that can happen more easily for people."

Because the project is still in the initial stages, the city hasn't yet set a budget. There is no timeline for when the project will be complete.

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