Volunteers Help Keep Coast Beautiful

Volunteers for the Great American Cleanup made a difference in Jackson and Harrison counties on Saturday. Some folks with Biloxi's Clean Sweep picked up 300 bags of trash from around that city. Jere Funk has an idea about what should be done with the countless number of cigarette butts she helped to pick up along Popps Ferry Road.

Funk said "It might be nice if we could figure out whose cigarette butts they were and give them back to them."

Volunteers with the Biloxi Clean Sweep picked up trash in all seven city wards. Organizers say litter is a problem that affects every part of town.

"Anybody that goes down our streets knows that it's a major problem.," said Bill Raymond, Downtown Services Manager. "I thought it was something that was confined to the downtown and the urban areas but when you go out to the rural parts of the city you see trash on the streets there too."

Not everything the 200 or so volunteers found can be considered your typical litter.

Matthew Dubaz said "I found a copier. I saw a refrigerator, but I couldn't pick it up by myself."

The Biloxi Clean Sweep was part of the Harrison County Great American Clean-up. So far almost 2 thousand bags of trash have been picked up in Harrison County.

by Danielle Thomas