More Rain Is Last Thing Helena Residents Need

After a stormy night, last Friday morning was both a blessing and a curse for Clifton Poole of Helena.

"My wife was giving birth to our new little girl, seven days old now. She was at Singing River Hospital, when I got the call about 6:30 that morning saying the house was starting to flood. I run down here thinking it'd be just a coupla' inches of water, but when I got here it was a foot."

That foot of water soaked the carpet, the insulation and most of the furniture.

Poole rents the house from Jim Gambrell. As they put it back together, they say they're not worried about more rain.

"All the water can do is just flow through here. Walls are already tore out, carpet up, so all we can do is let it dry and put it back together," Poole says.

Gambrell adds, "I'd rather it come now than after I get it fixed, so we wouldn't lose much now if it came back in."

A few streets over, Denise Hunnings says the same thing.

"When I hear the rain, it scared me this morning, you know. I don't want it to come back in, but the good news is the floor's already ripped up, so it can't do too much more damage. I hope."

Five inches of water gushed into her house last week, leaving Hunnings to mop up soggy floors and rip out smelly carpet. So, after waiting for days, she was very happy to see her insurance adjuster.