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Tornado Rips Through Bayside Park Community

Emergency officials say a tornado ripped through Hancock County's Bayside Park Community, just west of Waveland, knocking down trees and power lines and damaging several homes.

"I saw the front of that trailer raise up off the ground about eight feet. As soon as it came up, we made a mad dash between the two walls in the house. Me and my wife hunkered down," resident Alvinus Zoernersaid.

Watching their neighbor's home picked up off its blocks was frightening enough. Then, they felt it crash up against theirs.

"When this hit the trailer, it shook everything. It was already shaking."

Mary Mayne was still shaking less than an hour after the storm went through.

"It got real dark and it sounded like a bunch of freight trains, you know how that goes. I was sitting in my car saying my prayers while it was blowing through."

Her home was untouched, but a tree crushed through the roof and a wall of her grandson's home.

"Destroying all my grandson's stuff in there."

Danny Peterson was helping his mom and stepfather with some home repairs when they head the tornado approach.

"I heard the noise coming, looked out the window. I could see the trees laying over."

Peterson's first thought was to find his two-year-old nephew.

"I found him in the other bedroom, I grabbed him and run to the bathroom, threw him in the bath tub and laid on top of him. Then it was over with."

When he looked outside, Peterson saw the garage was gone.

"Brand new pool table. We've only played on it one time. My mom's car washer and dryer. All our work tools."

But Peterson and his Bayside Park neighbors are counting their blessings that no one was hurt.

by Al Showers

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