Flood Prone Neighbors Nervously Watch Storm Clouds

Flood prone neighbors in Orange Grove are keeping a watchful eye on the storm clouds.

Some residents of O'Neal Road apartments are barely finished cleaning up the mess from Friday's flood.

Threatening skies promised another round of rain at O'Neal Road Apartments early Wednesday afternoon. Earlier showers had already formed a familiar lake in the parking lot.

"I keep a close watch on the weather all the time," said apartment resident, Bill Bates.

Bates parked his car on drier ground this time around. It flooded last Friday.

"I'm not going to let it get flooded again, like it did the last time. Because it's doing just what it did last time. See the water running down the ditch? And it's running across the road," he said, while pointing toward the rising water.

Overworked drains can't seem to keep up. Along with rising water in the complex parking lot, there's the return of a persistent pond that forms between buildings.

Bill Bates wasn't the only one who worried about the high water. Several of his neighbors also took the added precaution of moving their vehicles out of the parking lot and onto higher ground.

"I left early this morning, went and done my washing at the Laundromat. And it started storming before I got home," said Mary Saucier.

She's a veteran of the frequent floods. Four times her apartment has taken on water.

"Every time it floods I have to throw away my rugs. And some of my furniture. My furniture is ruined. My chest of drawers, the veneer on it is just curling up," she said.

Saucier and her neighbors will keep a close watch on the sky, hoping the scattered storms won't bring another round of miserable flooding.

As WLOX News reported during last week's floods, the City of Gulfport is working on a multi million dollar project to improve drainage in the area of O'Neal Road Apartments. The city is in the middle of phase two, in a three phase improvement.