Blurred lines: Social media use vs. employers

Blurred lines: Social media use vs. employers

WLOX - Social media is everywhere: On computers, on phones and even on watches.

According to reports, nearly 1.7 billion people had active social media accounts in 2015. The degrees of separation get closer and closer by the day. However, there's one connection some say they could do without - employers.

Communicating online can be second nature. However, sometimes users can become too comfortable in what they share. Unlike face-to-face conversations, screen shots last forever and sometimes yield unintended consequences.

An Ohio woman says she was fired for defending herself on Facebook in an act of what she calls free speech.

"The public interest of the city of Brook Park has nothing to do with anything else," said Johanna Hamrick.

The National Labor Relations Board has released multiple memos regarding social media cases. Some employees were found to be at fault for the type of information they shared.  However, some company social media policies were deemed to be too broad to be fair.

At the intersection of using social media and having a career, should employees be reprimanded for what they post online WLOX News Now reached out to viewers and most said the same thing: Absolutely.

But, some say it's a fine line.

When it's all said and done, social media users represent their employer whether they want to or not. While things such as privacy settings are great, there's some good advice that easily applies to how to behave online: Remember who you are and where you came from.

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