Grillin' on the Green hosts tasteful 10th anniversary

Grillin' on the Green hosts tasteful 10th anniversary

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The sweet smell of barbecue filled downtown Biloxi on Saturday for the 10th annual Grillin' on the Green.

The event was postponed in March because of bad weather, but thousands found out that it was worth the wait. The delay gave The Family Smokers more time to sharpen their skills.

The team has been cooking up barbecue for 23 years, but not to get rich.

"It starts becoming a job when you start trying to make money at it," said Richard Bailey, the team's de facto spokesman.

Bailey runs things behind the grill, along with four other family members. They've been competing since 2013; their first at Grillin' on the Green. Their appearance at the Saturday event makes the second time the team won the grand prize for barbecue.

"You can't rush in barbecue," Bailey said. "Most of it is heat and time."

It was Milton Caldwell's first Grillin' on the Green event. However, the Montgomery, Ala., resident knows what he likes.

"Let that season get down into that meat," Caldwell said. "And that slow cook that make it look like this, and tear like's barbecue at its finest."

But is the barbecue better in Mississippi than Alabama? Caldwell didn't commit.

Believe it or not, there was more to Grillin' than grilling. Plenty of live music got the crowd up and dancing, lines of vendors got attendees up and buying and the kids' corner had little ones up and playing.

"It is family friendly, yes, very much so," said Mary Stanton of Moss point. "Look at the kids, they're having fun themselves. More than some of the adults."

Main Street Biloxi sponsored the event, which drew about 5,000 people.

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