East Biloxi preparing for more emergency paving

East Biloxi preparing for more emergency paving

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - According to a progress report from the City of Biloxi, the infrastructure repair project north of the railroad in East Biloxi is more than 40 percent complete.

With many East Biloxi streets in bad shape after more than 1,300 days of construction, yet only 7 percent of the asphalt work completed, frustration exists as the work continues.

"This has gone on long enough," said Trudy Landry after driving through several pot holes.

Landry, who drives the roads every day, says she's ready for something to be done.

"My car has taken a beating," Landry added, who wishes the project would have been approached differently. "I think they should have done one area at a time instead of tearing the whole city up and expecting us to deal with it."

Landry's thoughts reflect the frustration of others in the area; frustration that has made its way to city hall. According to Chief Administrative Officer David Nichols, an effort is well underway to provide relief.

"We just feel like the residents needed some sort of relief. We had to do something," said Nichols.

The effort includes around $650,000 worth of emergency paving on portions of Division, and other nearby streets. However, some say it's not enough.

"When it rains like this, what about all the other streets," said Rodney James.

Nichols says the emergency paving work is not complete.

"We are looking at working with the contractor and trying to determine where additional payment will go down," Nichols added.

Until then, people who work and live along the areas say it's having drastic effects on their lives. Muhammad Maklani's gas station has seen a sharp drop in business due to the construction surrounding it.

"I used to sell gas like $2,000 or $3,000 a day. Now, only $100, $120," said Maklani, who has already closed another business down the street, and fears the same fate for his remaining one. "A couple of months more and we're gonna close it down. No business."

He and others hope to see relief extended soon. According to Nichols, a lot of what is being paved now will be part of the final product, and that only portions will have to be torn up again for continued infrastructure repairs.

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