Ocean Springs police save woman from bridge

Ocean Springs police save woman from bridge

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) - Wednesday was an ordinary afternoon for Ocean Springs police officers Myles McClellon and Chad Cashin as they patrolled Hwy. 90 - until they were flagged down by residents.

The officers were told someone was in trouble on the bridge. 

"When we arrived, she had one foot over and one foot on," said Cashin. 

At the highest point on the bridge, the Cashin and McClellon discovered a woman threatening to jump. The pair went into action and tried to talk the woman down.

"The whole thing that was going on in my mind during that time frame was how can I get her to safety," said McClellon. 

As a military veteran, Officer Cashin had been in similar circumstances before. He felt like he knew how to react. 

"I had talked to other veterans, talking them down from the same situations like having hard times with their lives," said Cashin. "Being able to talk to them and kind of find that mechanism between both of us, a common bond that could bring them down from the situation that they're in."

While Cashin and McClellon were talking with the woman, Biloxi police and the Department of Marine Resources arrived at the bridge. After the conversation went on for nearly 30 minutes, the woman made a sudden move. 

"She hung her right foot in the guard rail, like a sit up rack would be. She let go of it with her hands, and was pretty much in a free fall, and the only thing holding her up was her leg," said McClellon. "A Biloxi officer was able to get a K9 leash. We were grabbing her feet, and they were able to dangle the K9 leash for her to grab a hold of and pull herself up to where we could grab her and bring her over the rail."

After being rescued, the woman was taken away in an ambulance. The officers call the day a success. 

"She's alive, nobody was hurt. That's always a great outcome for us," said Cashin. "That's the outcome we strive for."

The woman saved by the officers was taken to the Ocean Springs Hospital to be treated for injuries on her foot and a mental evaluation. 

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