Swimmer Kyjana Webber has a goal of representing the USA in the Olympics

Swimmer Kyjana Webber has a goal of representing the USA in the Olympics

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Harrison Central High School senior Kyjana Webber has been making a big splash , winning medal after medal in swimming competition. Her swimming success has resulted in a college scholarship.

Kyjana Webber excels in the pool, a champion.  Over the past four years, Webber captured seven gold medals and one bronze.  Her specialties are the 50 freestyle with a personal best of 23.78 seconds and 51.55 seconds in the 100 freestyle.

Those times caught the eye of college swimming coaches and after receiving numerous scholarship offers, she signed with a Division II school, the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota.

Kyjana says she fell in love with the city and believes the swimming coach will help her become an Olympic contender.

Webber said, "The coach has really made me to want to swim and want to do better for myself. He has really big goals for me.  He really wants me to make it to the Olympics."

Kyjana has the genes to get there.  Her mother, Tanja, competed in the Austrian Olympic Trials, when she was a young gifted swimmer.

Tanja Webber said, "I made it to the qualifications for the Olympics in 1980 in Moscow, but I did not attend because at the time my dad died."

Kyjana added, "Since she didn't make it I want to be the one to make it for her.  So, I'm trying very hard to make it.  I'm so close."

Harrison Central high school swimming coach Chris Dry says Kyjana has the "it" factor to develop into a world-class swimmer.

Dry said, "She's built to be a swimmer.  She's tall and slender and she's got a big dive when she dives in and her technique is very smooth and technically almost perfect."

Kyjana started swimming with the Biloxi Elite Swim Team at the age of 3.  Head coach Jamie Lee has watched Webber blossom in the pool.

"We always knew she was very special growing up, but it just seemed to get better and better as she got older and older, "said Lee.  "That's proof why she's going off to college next year."

Besides Webber, two other Biloxi Elite Swim Team members inked scholarships.  Sean Dellinger is heading to Drury University and Samantha Harris is taking her talents to Henderson State.

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