Bayside Park Residents See Action After WLOX News Report

We have a follow up report on a WLOX News story that got action for a Hancock County neighborhood. The standing water that was turning Bayside Park into a swamp is beginning to dry up.

As we first told you last month, residents complained for more than two years about a drainage ditch getting bigger and bigger. They worried about damage to their homes and the danger to their children from the rodents making the ditch their home.

Resident say they're thrilled crews went to work right after the story aired on WLOX News.

"They come out and they fixed it. Now my son's able to go outside and play in the backyard without having to find the birds or getting on a snake or anything like that, now that the water's gone down. When we called you and had ya'll come out here, then that's when they finally started doing something," Hancock County resident Kayla White said.

County work crews say someone had clogged a major drainage culvert that caused the water to back up in several residents' yards.