Fire protection project to pay dividends

Fire protection project to pay dividends

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - A long awaited water project has finally come to one Bay St. Louis community.

It's a half million dollars worth of work that will bring tap water and fire hydrants to a portion of the city's newest annexed area in Shoreline Park.

It's a single fire hydrant that has residents in one Bay St.Louis community jumping for joy.

"So, excitement number one you see a fire hydrant and your thinking oh this is progress," said Shoreline Park resident Tina Stiglet.

"We recognize that it's not just one hydrant but they're going to continue the hydrants throughout the entire community," explained resident Mike Hansen.

The fire hydrant that was recently installed on Lagan Street is the first of 15 that will be put in along the streets of the waterfront community. Water lines for tap water will go down next.

The Hancock County Water and Sewer District has set aside the funding to do the work.

"This area is a growing viable area. We just felt like the people needed to have this protection to entice economic development. For some reason this hasn't been accomplished in almost ten years," said Bay St. Louis City Councilman Lonnie Falgout.

This Shoreline Park community was annexed by Bay St. Louis in 2006. Councilman Falgout led the effort to bring increased fire protection to the area.

Falgout said, "This will put us about 90, 95% of the city covered by hydrants."

He said that will eventually lead to a lower fire rating and ultimately lower fire insurance for every resident in the city.

Post Katrina people are starting to rebuild there. Falgout and others said now with waters service and better fire protection they expect that growth to explode.

"They've had realtors come in there and people didn't buy possibly because of the lack of water and fire protection in the area, so overall it's going to be a benefit to the city as a whole," said Josh DeSalvo, with the Hancock County Water & Sewer District. 
Weather permitting, DeSalvo said the first phase of the project should be completed in about three months.

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