Volunteer's passion for pets earns HSSM thousands of dollars

Volunteer's passion for pets earns HSSM thousands of dollars

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Humane Society of South Mississippi will soon receive $10,000 from an online voting contest called Hills Shelter Heroes. It's all thanks to a volunteer who said her work at the shelter is her life's mission.

It's a sanctuary for the lost or surrendered pets. To keep the animals alive, the Humane Society of South Mississippi relies heavily on the help of volunteers and donations. Those are two areas HSSM volunteer Wendy Kennedy considers her calling.

"To win the money, the $10,000 for the shelter has been an incredible feeling. I never thought that when I walked through the doors four years ago that this was going to end up being a position that I would end up winning life-saving money for the Humane Society of South Mississippi," said Kennedy.

After becoming a disabled veteran, Kennedy said she struggled to find her purpose in life, but her world changed when she first walked into this shelter four years ago. Since then, she's been capturing images of the K-9s who have spent too long at the shelter.

"She has a great attitude. She's full of ideas. She's full of energy. She really is just inspiring. Her passion for these animals is just incredible," said HSSM Marketing Specialist Maren Slay.

Slay said Kennedy also helps raise money for heart worm medication through the Roxy fund.

"She also helps with Hogs Heaven fund, which is an enrichment program which provides treats and toys for dogs in the shelter," said Slay.

Spending hours each day with the dogs and cats at HSSM, Slay said Kennedy is the life blood of the organization.

"People like Wendy, who are dedicated and motivated and driven to help these animals find homes and better lives. I mean we really couldn't operate without people like Wendy," said Slay.

HSSM is always looking for volunteers, which must be 16 years of age or older. To find out how you can become a volunteer click: http://hssm.org/how-you-can-help/volunteer/volunteer-opportunities/

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