Steps being taken to repeal HB 1523

Steps being taken to repeal HB 1523

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - After seeing protests across the state since Governor Phil Bryant signed the Religious Accommodations law last week, Democratic Rep. Jay Hughes from Oxford is making an effort to repeal the controversial legislation.

Hughes will be holding a news conference Tuesday morning on the steps of the state capitol to outline his plan to repeal House Bill 1523.

"We just couldn't figure out, no one can, how this helps Mississippi. How does this improve Mississippians everyday?" said Hughes. "So I came back and looked at the rules on what was permissible for a repeal to occur, this is the first step."

While Ocean Springs resident Pete Fiske said he believes like the majority of Mississippians and thinks the bill should stand.

"You shouldn't be forced to cater to any group that you don't agree with in terms of their sexual behavior," said Fiske. "I think that's a fundamental right. It's also a free speech issue. If conservatives and Christians can't speak out on this issue or if we're silenced into not saying anything that infringes on our free speech rights."

Music fans planning to see Bryan Adams at the Coast Coliseum won't be getting the chance. Adams announced Monday he was canceling his concert over House Bill 1523. This comes after he performed in Egypt last month, something Fiske takes issue with.

"Didn't he just perform in Egypt which has an atrocious human rights record including oppressing and killing gay people, so I think he's being a bit hypocritical," said Fiske.

If you had tickets to the Bryan Adams concert, refunds will be issued at the point of purchase.

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