Privatization considered for Bay St. Louis parking garage

Privatization considered for Bay St. Louis parking garage

BAY ST. LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Bay St. Louis city leaders are considering privatization for a $5 million piece of real estate no one seems to want.

During a city council workshop Monday night, members will discuss turning over the parking garage, as well as the community center on top of it, to a private company to manage and run.

Right now the Hancock County Board of Supervisors controls the community center and city leaders are responsible for the two-story parking garage.

Last year the city started the process of giving the the garage to the county, saying it was to costly to maintain.

However, the new board of supervisors have said it doesn't want that burden either and has offered to give the community center to the city.

"If we end up with this community center we need to look at privatizing it out," said Councilman Joey Boudin. "Somebody who can market it properly, make sure we are charging the right rate, have a professional overseeing it to minimize the burden on the Bay St. Louis taxpayer."

Bay leaders are also looking at privatizing other public use buildings, including the Garden Club on Main Street, the Historic Train Depot, and the Community Hall.

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