Harrison County sheriff wants to restore work inmate center

Harrison County sheriff wants to restore work inmate center

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Despite the state no longer paying for Harrison County to house state inmates, the sheriff is moving ahead with plans to re-instate the inmate work program.

Sheriff Troy Peterson told county supervisors he's moving forward with plans to spend about $75,000 restoring the inmate work center on Cowan Road.

Peterson said the benefits of the work performed by state inmates throughout the community will outweigh the loss of state funds to house those prisoners.

"The benefit comes to the citizens of Harrison County, because that's what the people work on, where the inmates go to do the highways, to clean up the roads. So, we're kind of looking at it as a win-win," said Peterson. "Although they're not paying us, we're still going to be able to make it, make do with them being there because of what they're going to do for Harrison County."

Sheriff Peterson said the state will continue to pay the medical insurance costs of each state inmate housed in Harrison County.

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