Chicot Road still shut down due to gas leak

Chicot Road still shut down due to gas leak
Chicot Road remains closed while crews investigate gas leak. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - A gasoline leak in Pascagoula has Chicot Road shut down, and many residents asking questions about their safety.

"It's horrible. I mean it could get into our houses. It could pollute the water. We take baths with water, we drink the water, we cook with the water. It could eventually make us all sick," said resident Christopher Glaskox.

The leak was detected after gasoline was found at a Jackson County Utility Authority lift station and the lines traced it to the area.

"DEQ, the city engineers, Jackson County emergency management agency and a variety of other partners are on the scene and investigating to determine the exact cause of the leak and what we can do to prevent it in the future," said Anne Pitre, spokesperson for Pascagoula.

Crews have been working on this problem since Wednesday. They haven't found the source of the issue just yet. In the meantime, they say they've put a number of measures in place to protect the public.

"The sewer system that we found it in is contained and we have a neutralization product that we utilized down in there to take away the threat from the public. And as of right now, both lines are capped, the bypass is in place, so no gas should be getting into anything," said Nick Hatten of MDEQ.

Businesses around the area remain open, except for the Murphy gas station, where crews are digging for answers. Residents say the mystery is unnerving.

"It could be somewhere else in Pascagoula, it could be down the street it could be up the road, we don't know," said Glaskox.

City officials say they're confident in their radius and prepared if the leak affects residents.

"If anyone smells gas in home, the need to contact the city or Jackson County immediately so that we can get on site and investigate," said Pitre.

For now, there's no timeline on when the road will be back open. Motorists are being re-routed to the service roads to get to the businesses in the area.

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