Biloxi Police estimate 30,000 people showed up for Spring Break

Biloxi Police estimate 30,000 people showed up for Spring Break

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Spring Break is on the Coast full throttle. Biloxi Police estimate 30,000 people are on the Coast, many of them are crammed onto Highway 90 creating sluggish travel.

On Saturday, traffic was jammed up everywhere, but particularly near the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. It forced many from four wheels to two feet.

"We drove in the traffic," said Ciara Allen, an Ohio resident. "We were in this line, we got out of it. We were like, we're just going to park anywhere because we were in the line for about an hour and got like five inches up. It's insane."

But there was an added benefit.

"I definitely just lost 10 pounds," she said with a laugh. "I'm sure of it."

However, for some, the traffic is just part of the party.

"Actually, I'm enjoying the traffic," said Allen Stewart of Gautier. "Because everybody's not speeding and stuff like that and everybody having a good time."

But all the traveling can lead to some interesting destinations and not just the headliner acts. Edwardo King with the C3 Car Club had his own concert going.

"Last year, we came out and just cruised around the city," he said. "This year we decided to post up on the beach. We just enjoy making sure people having fun right there."

And for some, this was a family outing.

"It's nice. It's lovely. Nice peace of mind," said Young Troll. "We're just enjoying time. Family time with the family. ... Of course, we'll come back and next year, it's going to be even bigger."

Dareal Landry from New Orleans has come for two years, and he brings the goods.

"I set up like this every year," he said. "I've got the hot dogs, we got the hot links, we got the shish kabobs, we got the rib-eye steaks, we have the crawfish and we have the liquor. Everything you need. We've come prepared."

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