Students create videos to help prevent teen tragedies

Students create videos to help prevent teen tragedies

Gun violence, sexting, drugs were the serious and sensitive topics featured in new videos produced by Jackson County students.

"People like you are the reason I work out," one student said in one of the videos.

The drama students at East Central High played a big role in creating the dramatic scenes. They wrote, shot and edited eight clips after Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers asked them to help produce videos on topics affecting teens.

"Drugs, bringing weapons to school, and right now, sexting. You won't believe how younger and younger the students are. They're in middle school, they're in elementary and they're asking for inappropriate pictures," said Mississippi Coast Crime Stoppers Coordinator Lori Massey.

The videos aimed to show how words can wound, and pictures can be painful.

"We tried to play to the emotion aspect of it the most. It was really hard to get it all together, but in the end we were really happy with our result," said sophomore Morgan Rich.

Crime Stoppers hosted a pizza party on Thursday to watch the videos for the first time.

"It just tugged at my heart. I think I had tears in my eyes," said Massey. "I loved it because it's from their heart, and it's what they're going through right now and it's right on the point."

Crime Stoppers will show the videos during presentations at middle schools and high schools across South Mississippi.

"It actually feels really good to be able to do something to help the community, help out. Maybe you could stop something bad from happening," said East Central High Junior Wyatt Davis.

Each video is two minutes long. Crime Stoppers plans to enter the videos in a Public Service Announcement competition at its international conference in 2017.

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