Flood Waters Still Standing In Helena

"This is something I've probably done about 10 times," Denise Hunnings says as she mops the floor.

Before her home is pieced back together, Hunnings will probably mop the floor a few more times.

"I'm worried about the germs."

Last week's heavy rain dumped some three inches of water into Hunnings' home. It's only the second time she's dealt with the soggy aftermath. This flood rookie's doing the best she can to clean it up quickly.

"Yesterday, we pulled out the carpet," Hunnings says, "It was disgusting. It smelled like feces or something. We put a dehumidifier in here to absorb some of the moisture. Hopefully that will stop any mold from growing."

During her cleanup, Hunnings started thinking about better ways to protect her home in the case of another storm. So far she says she doesn't know if there's any real way to flood-proof the floors.

"Beside paint the concrete, and I don't want to do that," Hunnings laughs.

Hunnings neighbor and flood veteran Stella Norsworthy is looking for a cheaper way to floor her home. In the past thirty years, Norsworthy has changed the carpet quite a few times. This time she says she got smart.

"We're trying to dry it out so we can put it back in the house, because we're tired of trying to replace the carpet," Norsworthy says,"It might not work, but it'll be temporarily fixed."

Helena residents like Norsworthy and Hunnings put their homes back together knowing this time will probably not be the last.

"It's a mess, but we'll get it cleaned up and go again," Hunnings says.