USM students react to MS Religious Accommodations Act

USM students react to MS Religious Accommodations Act

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - Some Coast college students are worried that the new Religious Accommodations Act will hurt industries and jobs in Mississippi.

The new law seemed to be the talk around the lunch table at the University of South Mississippi's Gulf Park campus on Wednesday.

"I was upset. I mean, I was really hoping Mississippi didn't have to be that way," said USM junior Rochelle Broadus.

Some students at the campus are opposed to the law, saying Mississippi's economy could take a hit. More important, they say it could affect their decision on where to send job applications.

"If a company is in line with the state's values on that, I don't think I would work for them," said Marshall Acklin. "I don't see it being a law very long. I see a whole bunch of legal trouble and eventually being repealed."

However, not all students disagree.

"I'm really excited to hear that he has done this, because I really value conscience protection," said Claudia Kapusinski. "I think it gives employees with religious convictions that don't believe in homosexual orientation that they have job security protection. They don't feel they're going to get sued, or fired, or lose their livelihood over their own religious beliefs."

USM freshman Tasheena Powers says that for now, she isn't concerned.

"I'll have issues if industry drops and businesses are really dropping off in Mississippi. I might maybe later on, after the effects of this bill actually come into play," said Powers.

The law is slated to take effect July 1.

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