National Boys & Girls Club Week

This is National Boys & Girls Club week. The six Gulf Coast Boys & Girls Clubs served 11,000 children last year alone. During their special week, they want to get the word about all of the great things they do and hope more people will become a part of this "positive place for kids".

Sam Burke a Boys & Girls Clubs of the Gulf Coast director says, "We're not just daycare. We're out here inspiring and trying to develop these young people to become productive citizens in our community."

For just $5 a year, children get a healthy snack each day and hours of attention and guidance.

"We offer programs in the arts, in sports fitness and recreation, education. We all do homework everyday."

Ryan Groth, a Boys & Girls Club member says, "They help us understand school work a lot more, cause sometimes kids feel like they don't get it."

The 11-year-old and his brothers have been coming to the Lunday Boys & Girls Club in Biloxi for two years. He says he's seen some very positive changes.

"One of my brothers, when he came here, he felt like he didn't matter much to the world. And since he's been coming here, he's been getting a lot better."

Ryan has seen his brother's grades rise along with his self esteem.

"He's pulled up many more "F"s than I would have thought. He's A-B honor roll now rather than not being on any honor roll at all. And he's playing outside a lot more and I'm liking that."

He also likes the idea of coming to his Boys & Girls Club well past his 18th birthday.

"I'm hoping I'll be able to work here one day. That would be nice, to be able to help out."