Flood Clean Up Continues Along River

It's become a familiar post-flood ritual for neighbors at Wells Ferry Landing. They're cleaning up what the high waters left behind.

Most of the time their riverfront community is a desirable place to call home. But frequent floods cause some residents to wonder, is it really worth it.

"What we're going to try to do is just clear out all the bottom. And then start, we've got like scrapers and just start pulling it out," said Cindy Smith, as she cleaned her flooded home.

The lower half of Cindy Smith's elevated home looks a bit like the river bottom.

"Filled with mud and slop," she added.

With the water now back where it belongs, cleaning up the mess is a several days chore.

"This is our home. We work hard to live here. A lot of people think, it's such a nice neighborhood, and then you think, well, we pay a price to be here," she explained.

Smith salvages what she can. A raging river left little time to prepare.

"We barely got the vehicles out. And didn't have enough time to get anything else out. It ended up being about seven feet underneath our house," Smith said.

Flooding in this riverside neighborhood is certainly nothing new. In fact, a significant flood generally happens here every few years. But this time around, even longtime residents were struck by how quickly the water rose.

"We didn't have much time to prepare," said Kelly Moses.

As her belongings dry out in the Monday sun, she reflected on the Friday rains.

"I was thinking I'm not going to get everything up off the ground. But we try to move our vehicles first. You start with the big stuff and just let the little stuff go," she said.

A new flood prompts the same old question.

"I'm cleaning underneath here going, is this worth it? But it is. It's worth it," said Smith.

Enjoyable riverfront living, with the occasional high water headaches.