Crews clean up Rose Drive, but problem is far from fixed

Crews clean up Rose Drive, but problem is far from fixed
Moss Point crews clean up Rose Drive, but say sewage problem still not fixed. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Residents say crews were out working in the Rose Drive area of Moss Point Monday.

"A big, big truck came out and they were cleaning the sewer they had something they were spraying. I was just so glad to see it," said Dora Smith.

Smith said by the time the truck left, the raw sewage that covered the road in front of her home since Saturday was gone.

"I was excited. That's why I called and said they're out here this morning. I didn't expect to see them so soon, you know, because that was just Saturday that we were talking," Smith said.

Smith said it's a problem that's plagued her street for a while. After every heavy down pour the sewer gets backed up, and this is what happens.

Saturday, WLOX News crews were in the area when toilet paper and human waste covered the street.

"And you asked me what was coming up out of there before, I said oh lemme just think... Everything's coming up out of there," said Smith.

But the work city crews did Monday is only a temporary fix. Moss Point officials said the root of the problem is a pump station located a few blocks from Rose Drive.

"As we speak we are setting up a meeting with the people who own that lift station for the purpose of trying to make sure we alleviate that problem," said Moss Point Mayor Billy Broomfield.

The Jackson County Utility Authority runs the station. Broomfield said if the JCUA wont fix it, he'll have to find a different avenue.

"We'll probably be calling the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality as well as the health department to make sure that those issues are adequately addressed," said Broomfield.

Smith's neighbor Michael Dixon says although he's happy the mayor is taking action, he won't be satisfied until he sees results.

"I'm really, I'm skeptical... we just have to wait and see," said Dixon.

Broomfield says he hopes to have that meeting with the JCUA by the end of the week.

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