Harrison County RV Park residents urge police to enforce noise ordinance

Harrison County RV Park residents urge police to enforce noise ordinance
Bay Berry RV Park residents urge police to enforce noise ordinance. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Bay Berry RV Park residents say they want police to enforce the Harrison County noise ordinance.

"We tell the cops we're sorry; we don't wanna bother them over stuff like this," said Lesa Santos. "But it's becoming a nuisance."

Santos says she's one of multiple Bay Berry residents who have filed noise complaints against the El Mariachi Mexican Restaurant across the street.

"Just 'boom boom boom'. If I'm inside my camper and I'm listening to my TV, I can hear the music over my TV," said Santos, whose RV is located in the back of the park - more than 100 yards from the restaurant. "I don't even wanna know what the people in the front of the park are doing, I can just image their windows shaking," Santos said.

Park management says that when the sheriff's department comes out, deputies say there's nothing they can do.

"When they pull up in here, they can hear. I say, 'Can you hear that?' 'Well yea...nothing I can do about it,'" said Amanda Roberts, the RV Park manager.

The noise ordinance establishes decibels levels and hours of enforcement, but Bernard Garcia, the owner of El Mariachi, says they are abiding by the law. According to Garcia, management at the park has been out to get him since before the restaurant even opened.

"She came over here, you know, harassing us," said Garcia. "Saying if we weren't to comply and we played music, she would close us down; just like she closed the last two businesses," said Garcia.

Garcia says his attempts to work with the park's management on a compromise fell on deaf ears.

"She tells us to lower the music, we lower it. She tells us to do this, we do it. And I mean, she just keeps coming at us again," said Garcia. "I mean, we've been trying to work with her, but I don't know what else we can do."

Both parties say they're losing business from the dispute, and the next step is to get attorneys involved.

WLOX News Now reached out to the sheriff's department, but they have yet to respond.

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