Waveland man accused in barber college shooting captured

Waveland man accused in barber college shooting captured

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - The suspected trigger-man in a shooting at a Waveland Barber College is behind bars in a Las Vegas jail.

Waveland police say 28-year-old Leif Dasco was arrested in Nevada without incident following a traffic stop, after being on the run for more than two months.

"You can't expect to pull up in broad daylight in a parking lot, pop off over 12 rounds with a high powered rifle and not expect to go to jail or face the consequences of it," said Waveland Police Department Investigator Matt Sekinger.

Surveillance video obtained exclusively by WLOX News Now appears to show what police say is an altercation between Dasco and the man he allegedly shot in the doorway of the barber school. The fight then appears to move further away from the building, toward the middle of the parking lot.

The video shows the man he was tussling with pick Dasco up, and body-slam him to the ground. Police say Dasco after he got up he ran toward his car, came back with a rifle and started shooting.
"It was an AK or SKS type rifle in broad daylight. A crowd of people, an occupied building. It was a pretty heartless brazen act," said Sekinger.   
Cameras at the insurance business next door to the barber college captured the shocking video.

"Someone had come in and said there had been a shooting, and that's when pandemonium started," said Mark Smith, Owner of Allen & Smith Insurance.

Smith says there were 12 customers and company workers inside of his business, and 10 or more inside of the barber college when the bullets started hitting the building.

"So it really could have been a blood bath if it had gone to the worse possible degree," explained Smith.

Constance Mims is the owner of the Barber College. She says the senseless violence impacted her business to the point she recently moved to a new location up Hwy. 90; about a mile into the Waveland.

"Thank you Jesus. They did get him and justice will be served," said Mims.

Police Chief David Allen says his department has started extradition procedures to bring Dasco back to Mississippi. If Dasco is convicted of shooting into an occupied building and aggravated assault, he could face up to 30 years in prison.

The man Dasco is accused of shooting was treated and released from a local hospital a day after he was struck by two bullets.

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