Ladies of PGA Champions Tour host "golf" day for Biloxi children

Biloxi Excel by 5 and ladies of PGA Champions Tour host "golf" day
Children used golf balls to paint (Source: WLOX)
Children used golf balls to paint (Source: WLOX)
Children also received a free copy of "Curious George Plays Mini Golf" (Source: WLOX)
Children also received a free copy of "Curious George Plays Mini Golf" (Source: WLOX)

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - With the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic teeing off Friday at Fallen Oak, the Biloxi Excel by 5 coalition wanted to celebrate with some golf themed activities for our youngest pros. The ladies and wives of the PGA Champions Tour helped make it happen.

"We're grateful that the tour got to get involved, that a little bit of our tour wives got to come visit and interact with the children and just had a great time," said Marci Blake. Her husband, Jay Don Blake has been on the Champions Tour the past ten years.

Jeanine Goodes is another PGA wife who spent some time at Biloxi's Family Resource Center at Lopez School. "This is so great to see that they're doing this for the kids here," she said. "It's really heartwarming." The ladies were among those who helped host a "golf" day for children birth to age five Thursday.

"So we got to hear a wonderful story of Curious George Plays Mini Golf," explained Blake. " Then we did an art project with the golf ball. So everything was intertwined with golf and we just had an amazing day."

The children clearly enjoyed their outing, and the PGA ladies were very touched to be a part of the experience. Blake said it was evident how much the children were learning.

"I have goosebumps from seeing the children interact with the parents, and the community to come in and be a part of Excel by 5 to teach their children."

The group of women wanted to make sure Biloxi's Excel by 5 could continue to bring free activities to children in south Mississippi, so they presented the coalition a check for $500.

Goodes hopes the money will help the center buy more books and toys for its toy lending library. "It's a privilege that the tournament has actually been able to donate the money to help support Excel by 5, which is amazing."

"The wives have been donating since 1988," explained Blake. "We've had the tour wives association, and our charities are always children's charities. So it feels so good and close to our hearts because it is for the children."

The ladies of the PGA Champions tour would also like to encourage others to donate to Excel by 5 because they know the volunteers rely so heavily on donations to keep the effort going. If you'd like to get in touch with an Excel by 5 coalition in your community to make a donation, just click here.

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