Gulfport police prepare spring break traffic plan

Gulfport police prepare spring break traffic plan

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - The Gulfport Police Department is preparing for Spring Break 2016. Law enforcement officials are warning residents and business owners of heavy traffic on April 8 through April 10.

If traffic becomes an issue, police will put a diversion plan in place. The diversion plan will affect the following roads:

1. All eastbound and westbound traffic on Hwy. 90 at the Cowan Rd. intersection would be diverted north onto Cowan Rd. Traffic would then be sent north to Interstate 10, where traffic would be sent east toward Biloxi.

2. All traffic southbound on Cowan Rd. from Interstate 10 or entering Cowan Rd. from the west would be sent south to Pass Rd. where traffic would be able to go west on Pass Rd. or continue south on Cowan Rd. to Hwy. 90 where traffic would be sent west.

3. All traffic entering Cowan Rd. from the east would be sent north on Cowan Rd. to Interstate 10 and then sent east toward Biloxi.

4. Traffic on the service drive from Debuys Rd. to Highway 90 westbound will remain open to all residents south of the tracks.

5. Debuys Rd. will be closed from Hwy. 90 north to CT Switzer Rd. to all traffic excluding residents who live in the area north of the service drive.

During spring break, Gulfport police are urging you to use alternative routes and avoid main thoroughfares such as Hwy. 90 and Cowan Rd., especially during peak afternoon and evening hours.

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