Police: Pascagoula stabbing was drug related, but not linked to other incidents

Police: Pascagoula stabbing was drug related, but not linked to other incidents
Pascagoula police say Tuesday's stabbing is drug related. (Photo Source: WLOX News)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Pascagoula police say Tuesday's home invasion stabbing is drug related.

"There's not any honor among thieves. They rip each other off all the time, you don't usually have this much violence connected to them," said Lt. Doug Adams, Pascagoula Police Department Public Information Officer.

Police say they received a disturbance call for the Pine Tree Apartments off of Hospital Rd. at 11:34 a.m. Tuesday. However, the call referenced an apartment that didn't exist.

"Officers got out there, talked to folks in the parking lot, discovered there was no apartment 30," said Adams. "They stated there was no disturbance."

The officers left, but later received another call just moments before noon.

"At approximately 11:58 - 59, the emergency room called and said they had two stabbing victims there," Adams said.

When authorities arrived at the hospital, they received the correct apartment from people already there.

"Officers went back over there and discovered that three white males had kicked the door in," noted Adams. "It appears that this was a drug deal gone bad from earlier in the day."

Police say after they kicked in the door, the suspects were stabbed.

"The people in the house, one of them grabbed the kitchen knife and stabbed two of the intruders, who in turn, the third one took them to the hospital," said Adams.

One of the men stabbed died about 30 minutes after the incident, and has been identified as 41-year-old Joel Thornton. The names of the others involved have not yet been released.

The incident comes right after a separate attack on Friday, where an assault turned into a shooting in the parking lot of a Pascagoula Dollar Tree.

Police also suspect the Friday incident was drug related, but don't think the two attacks are linked.

"No reason to think that these two cases Friday night and yesterday were related. Based on the fact that, of course, yesterday was a couple of white guys that intruded the house and the suspects, and the incident Friday night were black males," said Adams.

Police say they've handed the case over to the district attorney, who will present it to a grand jury. The grand jury will then decide who will be charged, and for what crimes.

An autopsy for Thornton is scheduled for Thursday. Pascagoula Police urge anyone with any additional information about the recent crimes to call them or submit a tip to Crime Stoppers.

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