Bill to name Pascagoula beach in honor of Jimmy Buffett passes MS Senate

Bill to name Pascagoula beach in honor of Jimmy Buffett passes MS Senate

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Lucedale resident Jennifer George enjoys bringing her children to the beach in Pascagoula. She's also a big fan of a music icon who was born in the city.

"We love Jimmy Buffett. I grew up listening to him. My kids are growing up listening to him, and man, we just are very proud that he's from here," said George.

George is such a proud Parrothead, when the city dedicated a nearby bridge in honor of Buffett in September, she spent the entire day at the celebration.

"We were the first people here that morning, it was still dark outside. We watched the sun come up and waited. That's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," said George.

Now, a bill moving through the state legislature combines George's love of Buffett and the beach. The measure would rename the three-mile stretch of sand in Pascagoula "Buffett Beach".

The news was music to the ears of both residents and tourism leaders.

"It's a real exciting thing overall for Pascagoula. It was something we really hoped to do for him, just to show how much we appreciate him and what he's done," said Suzanne Steinberger, Pascagoula Community Events Coordinator.

City leaders say the move would put Pascagoula on the tourism map.

"I want them to Google "Buffett Beach" and for Pascagoula to pop up on the map, and for us to be on Google Earth and everybody say, 'Oh man, we need to go check that out.' That would be really exciting for us," said Steinberger.

Many agree renaming the beach just blocks from Buffett's childhood home would be a fitting tribute to a native son who never forgot his roots.

"I think it'd be awesome. I think it would be great for the town," said Laurie Lambard of Pascagoula.

If the bill becomes law, the city hopes to hold the dedication ceremony on May 6, 2017. May 6 is "Jimmy Buffett Day" in Pascagoula, and also his parents' wedding anniversary.

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