How to make boiled peanuts in your slow cooker

How to make boiled peanuts in your slow cooker

Peanuts are not only good for family food plans but they brought in $29 million to our state’s economy in 2015. Mississippi farm families grew peanuts on 42,000 acres last year.

So whether you like roasted peanuts, boiled peanuts, or peanut butter, remember Mississippi farm families love growing peanuts for our families and yours! Check out our website at or follow us on Facebook by searching for Farm Families of Mississippi.

Slow Cooker Boiled Peanuts

  • 2-1/2 quarts of water 
  • 1/2-cup of salt (may use less if you don’t like a salty taste) 
  • 1 1/2 pounds raw peanuts

Put water and salt in slow cooker. Turn slow cooker on high. Stir to make sure salt is well dissolved. Add peanuts to water mixture. Keep on high setting for all cooking time.

Stir from time-to-time (I do it about once every hour or so.) Cook for 6 hours.

After 6 hours, taste a few peanuts to see if they are soft and if the salt taste is about right. You may need to extend the cooking time to 7 hours, depending on individual slow cooker.

When they are done, turn off slow cooker and let peanuts soak for about 30 minutes to increase salty taste. Remove from slow cooker and let dry.

After cooling, place in container and in refrigerator for later eating.