Soria City egg hunt aims to include all kids in Easter celebrations

Soria City egg hunt aims to include all kids in Easter celebrations

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - To celebrate the Easter tradition, hundreds gathered in the Gulfport community of Soria City for the eighth annual Easter egg hunt Saturday.

Residents say it brings the community alive, brings families and kids together, and is looked forward to each year by everyone.

The tradition began in the backyard of Nay Smith.

"I do the Easter Egg hunt every year," said Smith. "I been doing it for seven years now. I do it because there is no park here in Soria City. This park is really closed."

Smith says that this is one of the only events that caters to children on an annual basis.

"I do it because the kids need somewhere to to come and they enjoy it," she said. "I come in here and I enjoy doing it for them."

For Smith to bring joy to all of those children, it takes a lot of eggs.

"I did 2,000 eggs," said Smith. "We had about 1,000-something plastic eggs so all together we had about 3,000 eggs for the kids."

Eggs aren't the only thing there was a lot of.

"We got hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos, popcorn, Italian Ice, Snowballs," said Smith. "We got everything out here for the kids."

Community members commend Smith for what she's done for the youth of Soria City, which they doesn't happen that often.

"She's the hero of the community, I think, because she stood up, especially after Katrina when there was nothing here for the kids," said community member Dorothy McClendon. "She loves kids so she said we need to do something."

Smith plans to hold the Easter Egg hunt again next year.

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