Page 13: Wonder and mystery of rare coins

Page 13: Wonder and mystery of rare coins

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Rare Coin Dealer Norman Carnovale stands over a display case filled with shiny coins.

"These are silver dollars," he said. "There is something about that big chunk of silver that people like to collect."

Collecting coins is a hobby enjoyed by millions. Collectors are fascinated by the search for that ultimate coin.

"It's the thrill of the hunt," said Carnovale. "It's a blast."

Carnovale, who began collecting coins when he was a kid, owns The Coin Shop in Biloxi. It's not just a hobby; it can also provide investment opportunities since some rare coins are extremely valuable.

Carnovale says important lessons can be taught in the pursuit of finding and evaluating rare coins.

"It requires unique skills and talents that we don't learn as kids anymore, like evaluating things, negotiating, and being able to take care of things," he said. "You put your money into something and now you have to take care of it."

The use and value of precious metals, like gold and silver, tell an interesting story of the different chapters in American history through rare coins.

"It represents times of change," said CArnovale. "Wars, big changes in government, and the changes in the prices of precious metals are big things, along with changes in the monetary system. Coins can teach you about all those things."

Paper currency is also a hot commodity.

What is Carnovale's simple advice for people wanting to be a successful collector?

"Learn to study, grade and negotiate," he says. "Those are the three biggest things you need to learn."

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