Helena Residents Say, "Not Again" To Flooded Homes

Wading through the front yard of her Helena home, Betty Judge is reminded of the soggy nightmares she faced just a year ago.

"Last summer we got flooded. It was coming up the door and we were putting tile in the house."

She says the two inches of water in her home Friday made it a total of 15 times that water seeped into her Pleasant Ridge Road home.

"It's all the time."

By now the procedures are routine.When the water comes in, the carpet goes out. Bricks are packed underneath the furniture, and anything important is put up high.

"That's all you can do, you can't do anything else."

Judge says going through the same problems every year really makes her feel stuck in the mud.

She and her husband Charles bought their home 25 years ago, not knowing it was in a flood zone. Judge says there's no way they can get out of the wet mess they're in now.

"You can't even sell these houses. You can't get rid of them, because everybody knows it's a flood zone."

Judge says the problem isn't only hers.

"All those houses back there, the back street down there. All these houses get flooded."

Judge blames the high water on the drains.

"The drainage is so poor. When it rains like this we are just stuck."

She says deeper ditches that don't clog, would probably help pull the plug on the trouble storm water brings to the neighborhood.