Families Stranded In Flood Waters

On one side of Old Highway 67, the Biloxi River raged Friday morning. On the other side, a huge drain couldn't pump out the water fast enough. For neighbors, with five feet of water covering their yards, it was no paradise.

Jackie Rhodes with the Biloxi Police Department said "It was very dangerous this morning. We had cars floating. We had people stranded".

It seemed like there was no way out. Rhodes said "We got telephone calls from people that live on Paradise Lane requesting to be evacuated from the area, so we put our boat in the water to evacuate".

Just down the road, at Wells Ferry Landing, water was the only way to get around.

Brent Drawdy said "When this happens, it's by boat, or jet ski or wade through water. And if you don't have a boat, then hopefully, you have friends in here".

For former neighbors, like Drake Girouard, it was a drill he's very familiar with. As he watched others travelling on boats, he smiled and said "Well, I'm glad it's them and not me".

Back at Paradise Lane, the Biloxi police boat emerged with five very relieved residents, including the Hurley family.

Rod Hurley said "When it started coming in our house, it's time to go. It was coming up through the floor registers".

Valerie Hurley said "It was bad. The current was taking me. I had to hold on to him so I don't go under water".

Rod Hurley added "All our stuff's under water now".

Their belongings may be gone, but at least, they got out alive. Flooding also forced police to shut down Old Highway 67 from Highway 15 to Cedar Lake for about three hours.