Two People Dead After Standoff In Bay St. Louis

Gun fire shattered the peace in one normally quiet Bay St. Louis neighborhood today, leaving two men dead. Police say 43 year old Orvel Simons shot and killed 39-year-old Charles Richard Strong, Junior.

According to police, Strong was the innocent victim of a property dispute. After shooting Strong,  Simons then shot and killed himself. James Stevens was driving one of three tow trucks hired to impound cars and other items from around this house on the corner of State and Tulme Streets. "We were doing some impound work the guy has been evicted for over a year they got a court order to move all his stuff we were called into move it if the guy had just said plainly hey don't do this or I'll shoot you we would have left but he just started opening fire on everybody," said Stevens.

Police say 43-year-old Orvel Simons fired at least ten shots at the drivers after striking 39 year old Charles Strong with a fatal bullet to the back. Police say he continued to use his high powered hand gun to shoot at the drivers, and at the first police officer to arrive at the scene. Bullets hit the undercover police car, a Law office a half block away and the tow truck Stevens was driving. "He hit my truck and fragments you could feel them come off the truck by my head, said Stevens.

Police say Simons fired the shots from this window of the home. Police blocked off roads in the area and surrounded the house. After a 20 minute stand-off police fired Tear gas in the house. Chief Frank McNeil of the Bay St. Louis Police Department said, "We entered the house from the rear with our K-9 officer and found the suspect inside the residence with a single gunshot bullet wound to the head. Apparently self inflicted."

The driver's family and co-workers must now cope with what they call a senseless death. "He's a family man has two or three kids he's in his early 30's just like me just out trying to make a living, said Stevens.