Rouse Retiring After 37 Hurricane Seasons

Linda Rouse has seen a lot of hurricanes in her years at Harrison County's Civil Defense office, but she says none tops her very first one in 1969; a killer storm called Camille.

"I was young and I'd never been through a storm, but that was the worst thing that I could've ever imagined. But I do think it served its purpose because it helped me with all the ones that followed," Rouse says.

When she started working in 1968, Rouse says there were three people in civil defense. 37 years later, that number hasn't changed, but the job duties have.

"All of the emergency managers across the state have had extra responsibilities with the homeland security coming into play here. We're all hazards, and we work all hazards and that includes terrorism and we have had to deal with the homeland security side and that has increased our workload tremendously."

Rouse says the county has grown so much that her office could use some help.

"Well, we would really love that and when I'm gone whoever is there would love that because there's certainly enough there for them to do."

But come April 30, Linda Rouse won't have to worry about that anymore because she'll be enjoying retirement. She will officially notify the county supervisors of her retirement at Monday's board meeting.