Action Report: Drainage issues in North Biloxi neighborhood

Action Report: Drainage issues in North Biloxi neighborhood

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Residents living in North Biloxi are proud of their neighborhood and keep their homes in tip-top shape. They're also happy with recent street improvements as part of a street and drainage project that began in 2014.

But when it comes to the sewer work, homeowner Nicky Creel says there's a problem.

"I've been here for 25 years and I've never had this water problem before. Not even after I put the pool in, because I put in over 300 feet of drainage and over a 100 feet of French drains to prevent any problems," said Creel. "And now they've created a problem for me."

Creel landscaped the yard surrounding his pool, but says he can't enjoy it because sewer work on the easement in the rear of his home has resulted in flooding. Creel also says the wooden fence in his backyard was also damaged during the project.

"Right now my property is probably 3 to 4 inches lower, if not more than the easement itself," noted Creel.

Robert Walther says his backyard now floods after workers contracted by the city tried fixing Creel's easement problems.

"They lowered my easement even more, "stated Walther. "Mine stays with water all the time and it causes more drainage into my yard. Come summertime, I can imagine how the mosquito problem is going to because of the water constantly staying here."

Nerino Dose enjoys his backyard, but his pool now has issues due to flooding.

"It collects the water in the back, and eventually goes between my liner and my concrete, " Dose said.

Biloxi City Councilman Kenny Glavan says when the infrastructure work was done, the contractor discovered a broken sewer line.

"When that was taken care of and fixed, there was nowhere for that water to run off, "stated Glavan. "Of course, some of those backyards are being saturated when we have heavy rains. What we want to look at is see how we can get an engineer out there, see how we can take that storm water and see how we can mitigate that."

Glavan says residents may have to wait up to a year before the problem can be resolved.

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