Drug bust could indicate trend in drug crimes

Drug bust could indicate trend in drug crimes

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - While the suspects in a Gulfport home invasion are awaiting the next step in the legal process, investigators are sifting through thousands of dollars in confiscated drugs and weapons.

The Sheriff's Department is saying a botched home invasion led deputies to the bust. According to the Captain of the Narcotics Unit, this case could be an indication of a growing trend in drug crimes.

Drugs, guns, money, and lots of it. Deputies recovered thousands of dollars worth of narcotics, paraphernalia, and guns after responding to a reported home invasion in the Pine Forest Road area.

Deputies quickly found that the home was not the intended target. Once they found out which house the suspects were trying to invade, they got a warrant.

"When we did the search warrant for that residence, we found about eight grams of cocaine, over $5,000 of U.S. currency," said Captain Ryan Hearn with the Narcotics Unit.

According to Hearn, the bust also led to the deputies finding containers of marijuana and unmarked pills, including LSD.

This case stood out to Hearn for several reasons. "I've never seen it with people this young before," said Hearn.

One of the suspects involved was a juvenile, who had even more illegal substances at his home.

But, that wasn't the only strange element to this case. Hearn also said he doesn't usually see robberies through home invasions when drugs are involved.

"Used to, it was hey meet me at so and so and that's where the robbery occurs," said Hearn.

The technique of targeting the home could end up like this one did and involve even more people than intended, according to Hearn. "And that puts the whole family in danger. The innocent. I mean, there were people living at that house that had nothing to do with this," he said.

Hearn has seen it before, and he hopes he doesn't see it again for a long time. "It's rare. It's not new. It happens. But I hope it stays rare," said Hearn.

He hopes criminals will see this case as a lesson that you will get caught. But he also has a message for the public. "If you know about something that's going on. We need to know," said Hearn.

Even if you think the info you have is not important, Hearn and the others at the Harrison County Sheriff's Department want you to report it. What may not be important to you could be what solves a case or prevents a crime from even happening.

The three suspects in this case had their initial hearing in court Tuesday morning.

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