Could the Cuban National Baseball team be coming to Biloxi?

Could the Cuban National Baseball team be coming to Biloxi?

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - With President Obama in Cuba and relations between the two countries improving, a variety of opportunities are opening up. A group on the Mississippi Coast is close to working out a deal that would make Biloxi a part of the new dynamic between the two countries.

There is one big thing America and Cuba have in common and that is the love of baseball. There is an effort underway to bring the Cuban National Baseball Team to MGM Park in Biloxi for an exhibition game.

Bobby Carter, an executive at Golden Nugget Casino, and Tim Bennett of Overtime Sports have opened lines of communications with baseball officials in Cuba. Carter will travel to Cuba in early April to continue negotiations to put an exhibition game together.

"We had a delegation come up here last year to tour the stadium. They loved the idea. In order to move forward and open channels with Cuba is through baseball," Carter said.

With President Obama turning the spotlight on a new chapter in U.S. and Cuban relations, baseball could be a bridge in that effort and Mississippi could be on the cutting edge of that.

"It's a good thing nationally to see that Mississippi is open for business. Not only that, but it's open for people to come in from all over the world to enjoy the favorite past time of America, baseball," said Tim Bennett.

As of now, the Shuckers organization said the team won't play an exhibition game against Cuba. The most likely scenario would be to bring in a college team.

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