Republican women watching wild GOP race

Republican women watching wild GOP race

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are in an epic battle to be the nominee to represent the GOP in the November presidential general election. The Harrison County Republican Women's Club talked presidential politics at its monthly meeting Monday.

Jeanne Luckey, a long time party insider in Mississippi, is a Republican National Convention committeewoman.

While Republicans are immersed in uncertainty, Luckey believes there is a silver lining to the hotly contested race.

"It has been an interesting primary season. My take on it is, I think it's fabulous we're involved. So many people involved in the process and brought out voters who have not voted in a long time. Anytime we grow the Republican family, I'm happy," Luckey said.

Leona Craig, 17, is with the group Teen Age Republicans. She's been watching the primaries carefully and is fully aware that when the Republicans get to Cleveland, OH, in July for the convention, the party is likely to be in for quite a battle over picking the nominee.

"It's something we've never seen before. We're looking at having a brokered or contested convention. I think it's going to be a tough race between Trump and Cruz. I'm really excited to see what happens," said Craig.

Republicans appear to be careening toward a contested convention. Some in the party fear that disunity will favor the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Luckey thinks debate over choosing a nominee will strengthen the GOP.

"We'll come away with a nominee, and we'll have a strong nominee who will go on to beat Hillary Clinton in November," Luckey said.

Republicans will vote in Utah and Arizona on Tuesday.

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