Coast Casino Fostering Workplace Diversity

Elecia Carty is just one of 3,500 employees who work at the Beau Rivage. The Jamaica native is also just one of thousands of reasons why understanding and accepting people from diverse backgrounds is so important there.

"We have people coming from Jamaica, Poland, Argentina, says Maurice Singleton, Director of Diversity Affairs at Beau Rivage. "We have people from the Philippines working here, Mexico, so we have people from a variety of countries, a variety of cultures."

Twenty one Beau Rivage employees just completed a Diversity Workshop. The MGM/MIRAGE Corporate-wide program is designed to create "Diversity Champions" at the company's 11 properties in Mississippi, Nevada and New Jersey.

"What we try to do is bring new people into the program and increase the number of champions who work in various areas of our casino and resort, so that they can help spread the message about diversity and handle situations wherever they occur," says Singleton.

Pam Ladner-Jones is one of the Beau's newly crowned Diversity Champions.

"It teaches you to value everybody no matter what background they come from, no matter what ethnicity they are, how old they are, sexuality. Value everybody," Jones says.

Pam says the value of such a workplace atmosphere is just good business.

"The only color that matters is green. We're here to make money and by valuing everybody, everybody brings something to the table and hopefully will increase our profits."

A profit they say is measured in more than just dollars and cents.