Flood victims meet in community meeting

Flood victims meet in community meeting

PEARL RIVER COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Colonel J.E. Goutierez is dealing with damage to his home after more than a foot of water from the Pearl River entered following recent floods.

"I lost a lot of stuff, [it all] washed off in the bank in the river. The current was really swift. I've got nine fans running in the house right now, just trying to dry it out so we can get to it. The wooden floors are ruined," said Goutierez.

Goutierez has lived in his home more than 30 years, yet says he's never dealt with issues like the ones he's currently facing - mold. Although he lives next to the river, he was told he didn't live in a flood zone. As a result, he never purchased flood insurance.

Even though he fears the mold may be detrimental to his health, Goutierez says he's going to stay put and try to move forward.

"I'm gonna recover what I can, but I think it poses a health problem in the house with all that stuff in there for too long. I'm just gonna stick it out and come back," said Goutierez.

Goutierez, along with several others impacted by flooding in the Wakiah area, attended a community meeting Saturday morning. Those in attendance were seeking answers to what can be done to help them in their time of need.

"We've decided to have a meeting for the Wakiah Bluff Water Park residents so that we can all get onto the same page, and understand what's going on as a whole," said volunteer fireman, Michelle Lee.

Residents, who hope things don't get worse as more rain falls, were urged to sign up for relief from the American Red Cross.

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